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On our way
to a hydrogen world

promeos is a global technology leader for small series product solutions enabling the transformation of gaseous fuels into high quality clean and efficient heat for industrial process heat purposes, also by using hydrogen as a fuel. Hydrogen is available as a difficult to use by-product in many industrial processes.

Let’s use it in an efficient way.
promeos developed in recent years a new burner concept to enable the transformation of gaseous fuels with a hydrogen content ranging from 60 to 100% into high quality clean and well controlled heat. This product range is brought to the market and now offered. The elaboration of the business case was supported by the EU under the horizon 2020 framework. Product offering: Hydrogen-to-Heat solutions, wide variety in heating power and surface power density. Scope of supply: Customized heating systems, heat exchangers, system integration, service.

The addressed applications include fuel cell components, LOHC systems, pyrolysis systems, ethylene production heating systems, compact mobile on-board H2 heating systems etc. Innovative aspects and main advantages of the promeos’ H2-to-heat product range: - modular architecture, from 1 kW to x MW rated heating power - geometry of heat transfer surfaces according to the application: slim linear, wide surface, mosaic, cylindrical - surface heat power density according to the system integration needs, ranging from 100 kW to 5 MW/m2 - high level of operational security - pure fan mode offers high instant uniform cooling power. 

Enabling and growing the use of low-carbon gaseous fuels and paving the road to an emission free hydrogen economy.

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